What Covid Taught the World About Entrepreneurship

Some lessons are learned the easy way and some lessons are learned the hard way.

Whilst people tend to associate school with education, as far as I can tell, lessons can be learned throughout life.

We learn a lot of lessons in our early years.

What to do, how to conduct ourselves and educational lessons designed to further goals, dreams and productivity.

Some lessons are also wrong…

Ask almost any politician.

Most lessons come from the school of hard knocks.

Events take place all the time and, if you pay attention, the stone-cold reality of life should provide lifelong lessons for all.

In my opinion, the Covid pandemic was just such an event.

What Covid taught me was that I’d made some good choices in the past.

There were some good things for the digital nomad community that came along as well.

The sudden realization by giant corporations that the company would still function with remote workers was certainly one of them.

There were, however, some giant negatives, for the majority.

Regardless of your politics, the world learned just how easily and suddenly what you thought was stable could come completely unglued.

Politicians all over the world, even in the west no less, denied freedoms as panic took over, and many businesses were forced to shut their doors.

Suddenly, for many people, ‘Am I where I want to be?’ and ‘Am I doing what I thought I was doing?’ were legitimate questions.

That’s before you start thinking about job security.

Back to my past good choices…

You see, by working towards the goal of working online and, by extension, living somewhere where I was comfortable prior to the pandemic, it largely insulated me from what was a tragedy for many.

In short, prior choices in my life have made me both more secure and more robust.

That’s when I learnt that Covid should have been an ‘out of the blue’ wake up call for everyone and that they need to think differently.

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