Brett Dev

YouTuber and Freelancer Living in Thailand

On a mission to help everyday people, live and work from anywhere.


In 2015, I quit my job and bought a one way ticket to Thailand.

Six years later and I’m still here, sharing my experiences and the lessons I’ve learnt with the world.

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18 Step Plan for Moving to Thailand

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Optimizing Your Home Office For Success

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5 Steps to Profitable Freelancing

Learn the exact steps that I used to check out of the 9-5, take back my freedom and start my own online business.


Remote Income Masterminds

Watch long-form interviews with successful Freelancers and Entrepreneurs living in Thailand.

3 Steps to Starting An Online Business

Getting Started as a Digital Nomad

in a wide variety of subjects

Planning Your Online Business

in a wide variety of subjects

Getting Clients and Selling Your Services



How to Become a Digital Nomad in 2022 - The Easy Way

This guide is for anyone who wants to go remote and work online as a Digital Nomad.

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