How Gary Is Using the Remote Income Academy to Move to Thailand

There’s an old quote by Milton Berle that says something like “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”.

If you feel good chances don’t come your way, then go out in search for them.

When you search for something, especially a path, then the world has a way of opening up to you, allowing you to view things in a totally different light.

Let me introduce you to Gary, a client of mine, who has taken action and will soon be joining me out here in Chiang Mai.

You can view Gary’s story HERE:

WATCH: How Gary Is Using the Remote Income Academy to Move to Thailand

Like many others, Gary wanted to take control of his own destiny, find his freedom, follow his passions and build a new and better life for himself.

He didn’t let his dreams die on the vine and eventually found his way to my YouTube channel and online course.

He’s recently completed the course and will soon be flying out to Thailand.

He followed through and took the concrete steps that are critical to success.

Many people want to live out here but don’t do what’s required to make it happen.

Acquiring knowledge and skills takes time, but if you put in the work, it WILL happen for you.

These are proven methods that many people follow to success, not just Gary.

Having a plan and working towards a goal that you know works in the long run are priceless for your peace of mind.

Everyone loves a success story and I continue to wish Gary success on his journey towards the lifestyle he wants.

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