The Biggest Reason Why Digital Nomads Leave Thailand

Thailand attracts many different types of people.

Most are here for a holiday or are spending some time traveling.

However, this is not the only reason to visit Thailand.

Chiang Mai (where I live) attracts a huge number of people looking to start a new life for themselves working online.

…and why shouldn’t they?

Chiang Mai is a digital nomads’ haven, where like-minded people can congregate, discover a higher quality of life and a lower cost of living.

Quite a few stay. Most don’t.

So why is that?

While there are many different answers to this rather subjective question, it is possible to offer a broad answer.

They lack a coherent plan… in other words, focus.

Too many people come out here and try and work it on the fly or have several different ideas that they work on simultaneously.

They burn through savings while trying to figure it all out and end up going home without ever having quite achieved their ambition.

The best time to start is NOW.

You don’t have to start when you’re already on a Thai beach.

You also don’t have to start full on either, you can start by investing an hour a day.

Focus on learning something, and then focus on client acquisition.

That doesn’t need to be started in Thailand.

It can start when you get home from work or during that hour-long commute.

Everything begins with a small first step.

By the time you get to Thailand, you could already have learned a skill, and know how clients are acquired.

Doing that would put you above 99% of the people who arrive here with the same dream.

Don’t make the mistake of turning up in Thailand to figure out how things work.

Set a goal beforehand, whether it’s learning a new skill, figuring out how to find clients, or maybe even landing your first paying client before you make the move.

In short, have a plan before your plane ticket is booked.

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