The American Empire is Fading Away, and This is Why…

The West is dead.

Sorry to break it to you, but it is.

Let me clarify though…

I don’t mean dead, as in, not alive. What I mean is, the future will not be driven by the West.

Empires come and go, Greece invented democracy and is well past its prime. However, it’s still there.

What I’m talking about is the sort of cultural decline that leads to leaders completely missing the suicide of nations.

Again, history is replete with examples of this, and even the phrase “Nero fiddled while Rome burned” exemplifies my point.

The fact is that the new world that is developing will not be led by Western leaders, who now look like they are deliberately ignoring the will of the people in order to pursue their own agendas and projects.

The people be damned.

I am not suggesting the East is perfect, there are many problems, but the cultural structure is still intact.

While the West gets into debt and consumes, the East is saving and producing.

Historically, this is why wealth shifts and a day is coming when this will be common knowledge.

We are doing everything wrong to make this an easy prophecy.

If you’re living in the West you are being led by people who seem quite happy to create WW3 in order to fudge over their mismanagement.

Staying on this ship all the while sailing towards disaster doesn’t strike me as a sound plan.

I daresay most people need to build some adaptability into their lives to take into account the ever changing world.

Learning how to earn an income from anywhere is becoming ever more paramount and keeps you insulated from the decisions of your leaders.

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