The True Cost of Living in the United States

Nothing makes me sadder than paying attention to what’s going on sometimes.

There are some great things going on in the world. However, it should be apparent to most that there appears to be a state of flux.

Millions a year come to Thailand to find some escapism and, despite hitting the tourist hotspots, are delighted to find out that the cost of things is much cheaper out here.

Trust me, when you live out here the cost of living drops even more significantly.

Like in every country, some areas are more expensive than others. However, you could easily find a place for $300 to $400 a month.

It’s said that the average renter in the US is paying a little more than $1300 a month.

Do you know what you could get in Thailand for that?

Don’t believe me, take a look….

For the price of a condo, you could rent out a literal mansion.

Almost unbelievably, in San Francisco, the price of rent per month is just under $3400.

Think about that for a second…

Instead of renting out a 1 bedroom condo in San Fransisco, you could rent out 3 mansions.

Live in 2 while the other is being cleaned.

So what does this mean?

Well, 2 things…

Firstly, if you could take your earnings from your home country and live out here, your quality of life would increase dramatically.

And second…

You could basically earn a part-time income and live out here really, really well.

Any business that you start wouldn’t need to be anywhere near as successful in order for you to survive and thrive.

A couple of good client relationships is all you need to change your life.

Why more westerners aren’t trying this is a mystery to me.

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