Regulated Into Oblivion – Soul-crushing Bureaucracy Is On The Rise

Life is often hard enough as it is.

What with everything from peer pressure to social norms restricting the hopes and dreams of many.

Throw in the big tech monopolies along with recent events and sometimes it seems like a mountain to overcome.

The stalking shark in the deep water, however, is an increasing willingness to regulate and control everything at a bureaucratic level.

Freedom created prosperity in the west and it’s a concept that has created some of the world’s most successful countries in history.

I remember reading recently about a couple named Rendall and Bourke who in 1969 bought a lion cub from Harrods and kept it in a London apartment for a year before releasing it into the wild.

If you watch many of the American movies in the 70s, they often featured people boarding planes on the runway and paying cash mid-flight.

I am trying to imagine the nature of the media coverage if either of those things happened today.

Not many years back, we were truly free, but the slow incremental steps of bureaucracy have been both insidious and detrimental.

We have ‘progressed’ to a time where people who delight in saying “no” are on the rise.

So, how can you try and reclaim some of that lost freedom?

Well, from my experience, life in Thailand is like going back to the UK in the 1950s as far as bureaucracy is concerned.

It’s normally only visa issues really, but other than that, my net interaction with Thai officialdom stops and starts as I cross the borders.

Never needed the police, I’ve never been stopped by a traffic warden or highway patrolman, there aren’t government agents out there just looking for a misstep from me.

It works and flows much easier for all concerned.

I’m not connected to the Thai authorities, so no one asks me to be.

I get to live freely, just as we used to 50 or 60 years ago.

The west is marching in the wrong direction.

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