How to Get Started as a Digital Nomad

I get a lot of questions and by far the most common is this:

“I’d love to join you out there in Thailand but I have no idea where to start….”

Trust me, I get this attitude.

There’s so much information out there that it’s often difficult to navigate through it all and form a coherent plan.

Contrary to a lot of popular notions, successful ideas help other people the most.

Otherwise, they would fail.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling sugary soda or offering a skill that has a need, it’s the same principle.

The answer to the question, at least as it appears to me, is that you should combine something you’re interested in with a realistic plan.

Don’t start an Amazon business if running it doesn’t sound like your idea of fun just because a video told you it was dead easy and pays well.

By far, most people I encounter could boil down a realistic plan quite simply.

  1. Learn a skill that you envisage as being interesting and marketable
  2. Learn the process of getting repeat clients

Most people looking at that incredibly small list would nod their head at the simplicity, but that’s the point.

Once you have put some effort into both, and I do mean both. Don’t spend months learning the skill, then 2 minutes working out how to get clients.

Consider the process of getting clients as important as the knowledge you’re hoping to attain.

People can often fall foul of something I call ‘middle class syndrome’. They think they have to do everything.

All successful businesses need help.

You will too.

In theory, you could run a successful online business with no work done by yourself.

Get the client, pay someone else to work for you.

This is why I continue to recommend digital marketing.

If you can sell services to businesses that make them more money, they will never hesitate to both employ you, or pay you.

I will reiterate again, the most successful businesses or startups revolve around helping other people or other businesses.

The most important point in learning to start your life towards being a digital nomad should be to learn a skill that others need.

What business doesn’t need digital marketing?

Are there any?

The market is a huge opportunity.

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