Education Is More Important Than Any Expensive Equipment You Could Buy

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it but education is a lifetime process.

Once people leave the education system, there’s a tendency to think that the learning process is over, it’s over and done with.

Most of the people I talk to whom I respect think about it slightly differently.

They say you should never stop learning.

I meet my fair share of digital nomads in Thailand, and inevitably, we end up talking.

Some have sound plans, but some don’t.

During these exchanges of information it often comes out that they have Apple MacBooks, the latest laptop stand, an expensive camera and they really do look the part, that’s for sure.

I always ask about intentions, plans, and preparations for their new endeavour, and that’s normally when it all falls apart.

It becomes clear that they only actively start planning once they get out here to Thailand.

They come out with an idea, all of the equipment, but no plan.

There’s an old adage that states “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Most just burn through savings while they’re working things out, kind of hoping things will fall into place.

My advice would be to decide what you want to do before you get out here and then hit the ground running.

This is the benefit of starting out with a side hustle, something I’ve talked about many times before.

Acquiring knowledge is the precursor to success and it astonishes me how many people seem to forget this.

Educating yourself, both in terms of skills and learning how to run a business are the things that you should be focusing on.

They are more important than the expensive equipment you could buy.

I will say that again in the hope that it sinks in.

Spending your money on education so that you can have a constructive plan is way more important than owning a brand new $2,000 laptop.

It never feels like it, mainly because a MacBook or a Sony camera is more tangible, but I promise you, knowing what you’re doing is priceless.

It’s the thing that provides focus, which both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet both agree is the single most important factor for your success.

With that thought ringing, I will sign off for today.

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