Becoming a Digital Nomad – The Perfect Answer To The Warmongers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months then world events are increasingly raising eyebrows.

While in Thailand things are returning to normal, in the East of Europe things seem to be deteriorating.

How far they will fall is anyone’s guess, but I hope common sense prevails at some point to avert disaster.

Not just for the people in Ukraine and Europe, but the world in general.

All of which makes an interesting point about how I choose to live.

Most of you know I live my life as a digital nomad. In short, I work online and live in a country where I don’t have citizenship, I am merely a resident.

And that part is key.

Despite choosing, most definitely, to live in Thailand, by tomorrow afternoon I could be living in Mexico.

Or Chile, or South Africa, or Bali.

Pretty much anywhere that takes my fancy, to be honest.

The reason for making a drastic change is often being attracted to a new place. The travel, the excitement, and the new culture.

However, choosing to live in a new place can be the result of wanting or needing to move on from your current place of residence.

Consider the choices facing the Ukrainian workforce right now.

An employee of a Ukrainian company is more than likely rooted to the location.

By contrast, either an online worker or a digital nomad can be on the next flight out.

They are perfectly placed to adapt to an ever changing world.

Thailand is stable now. The culture is welcoming and there is very little civil unrest.

There are democracy protesters, but that isn’t unsettling the country at large.

However, should strife start and tensions rise to the point that Thailand becomes uncomfortable to live in, I, along with many others, can take the opportunity to leave.

This in-built adaptability to the digital nomad lifestyle isn’t often talked about but it seems to be an increasingly plausible benefit in the world.

Just ask the people of Ukraine.

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