Are Digital Nomad’s Best Equipped to Face the Coming Challenges in the World

The world is always changing.

…always has, always will.

Sometimes it’s for the better, and sometimes it’s for the worse.

The great writer Ernest Hemingway was once asked how he went bankrupt.

His response has now entered folklore…

“Two ways, gradually, then suddenly.”

It’s interesting to muse over, but behind it is a fascinating point that things will gradually happen in incremental steps until suddenly a dam breaks, and then…



I currently feel like this with the global infrastructure and political situation.

Things are happening that make no sense and I put it down to the slow, small changes by politicians as our freedoms are being trodden on.

Recent world events should convince most of that.

It’s happening at a slow pace at the moment. However, just like frogs in the heating water, the future holds a foreboding disaster.

Who’d have thought that western politicians would be talking, quite seriously, about building camps to detain people because of a medical emergency.

With freedom comes prosperity.

Again, always has, always will.

The lack of it produces the opposite; declining prosperity.

This brings me to the point of today’s missive, that of where you find the most freedom in this modern age.

The answer is; wherever you are treated as a tourist, or as a guest by the host country.

Bureaucracy doesn’t bother you, the police tend to leave you alone until you need them, and the system works in your favour.

Everything is much simpler when you are a guest.

You are ‘free’ to leave and because of this you are courted to stay.

In my opinion, this is one of the major reasons why people should consider learning skills that will allow them to work remotely.

Rather unknowingly in most cases, the digital nomad is best equipped to face the coming challenges the world may present.

Be ready.

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