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Digital Nomads Don’t Use Alarm Clocks

I realise that every time I message talking about the benefits of a digital nomad lifestyle, most people’s minds will leap to the big things. Freedom, travel, self-sufficiency, etc. Quite appropriate to be honest. However, let me tell you about … Read More

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Don’t Be a Digital Gonad

If you’re new to the idea of traveling and working online, then you may not have heard the term ‘Digital Gonad’. If you’re a seasoned pro at this game, then you will almost certainly have come across it. If you … Read More

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Crab Theory – It’s Really Weird But It’s True!

Having been working as a digital nomad for many years now, I often find myself pondering why more people don’t adopt the lifestyle. It offers enormous advantages, and very few disadvantages. The number one dream in many surveys is taking … Read More